Gabbar Singh Returns…..

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Gabbar singh series is continues it’s grace with another edition of the another gabbar singh movie. powerstar pawan kalyan has 11 flops before the gabbar singh movie, movie flops doesn’t effect any thing about pawan’s stardom but after the release of gabbar singh pawan’s stardom is doubled, after releasing two movies from gabbar singh now third part on the way to shoot.

After the huge success of Gabbar singh directed by harish shankar, pawan kalyan writes a story and screenplay for second part Sardhar Gabbar Singh which was  directed by bobby which was disaster movie. now harish has a story line for third part of gabbar singh, which will be filmed soon  if everything goes well.

Pawan Kalyan is committing movies very  fast-ly one after another, after the katama rayudu pawan has sheduled two movies with trivikram, nishan. after completion of this projects harish may once again direct the pawan kalyan in third part of  gabbar singh..harish shankar now directing the “DJ: duvvada jaganatham” with allu arjun as lead character. harish has good tempo with mega family…the movies directed by harish with mega heros there have do well at box office. so lets wait for gabbar singh’s announcement.


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