Gautamiputhra Satakarni Success meet with T.Subbarami Reddy

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Balakrishna’s 100th film Gautama Putra Satakarni had an achievement. As the greatest hit in the current auction of 50 million partakes in the Satakarni. presently going off to the check. Chronicled movies, has made history Satakarni Gautamiputra.

This is an enormous achievement, and so forth.Satakarni who set out to such depictions of the chronicled photo of the NTR Balakrishna held to pay tribute to a dear companion of the business visionary cum-tea subbi rami reddy Film Industry. Balakrishna was an extraordinary fascination for the whole family to go to this occasion. Balakrishna’s better half Vasundhara. Brahmani tejaswini little girls turned out to be a piece of the function. The father of the little girl according to laud.

That the current boldness in being a verifiable historical point picture .. nice accessible to bolster the family that there was likewise numerous admirers. Celebration executive Chris.This comfortable role dan ni won acclaim for his significant other. Regardless of whether the newly wedded couple .. this motion picture is going to anomalies journey for the visitors as they fell. Hard to get their objective of late Krish praised subbirami reddy Manasa.

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