“golden” Idea!

The witness, Amravati: I do not know whether or not an idea, but the termination of the life of the notes to convert marchest undo have sprung dandy tricks. Just rurendunnara vela ko sam banks, ATM queue at the wealthy commoner days satamavutunte smugly notes were exchanged in the process. Land in the past, gold was considered a symbol of reputation. The focus to date has been moved to the old method of cancellation of the notes. Gold, land of black money looking for investment lanes. Detection of unaccounted gold biscuits, gold shops to purchase old notes. One hundred grams of gold and Rs .3.15 lakh biscuit Thursday market in the sum of Rs 10 thousand in addition to giving the notes are being circulated. In addition, mortgage banks to liberate the gold, and the notes are in La.

Agriculture, home mortgage bank for expenses had to liberate the jewel of Rs 500, widely used in pushing the 1000 notes. Mortgaged to the bank across the state in the last 5 days of the gold items increased to liberate deals. Those familiar with, friends and family arrangements are Vidi pin Ela gold jewelry from the banks. The purpose had been experiencing a credit Tir cal Eka the possibility of new arrivals mean that people are showing interest. Svamikaryam Sv Kar yam said the bank was trying to help them become familiar with a number of pieces at his own expense, without the vidipincukovadantopatu aviskaristunnaru new dimension to the manual.

Interest loan to invest in the notes .
Patrick to convert the notes being raised from 15 to 40 percent of the ball .In kami, SA ŒS released from hostage to invest huge amounts in the name of feeding. Nandigamaku Krishna district, a farmer from the farm to invest Rs .1.20 lakh for the two banks to pay in a timely manner. In the second year, to bring the bank loan balance gadustundatanto Patan OTL to the farmer ordered to serve the large same contracts in the region. The original interest in the bank, Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes, with interest, the amount owed to him within six months of making big Asami valiant back papers in the presence of the elders have etched.

, As well as a farmer’s family in the West district, Rs 3 lakh, the bank had borrowed for the purposes of gold naga lap ai . The amount of the interest paid to the bank, the same settlement. However, the farmers in the absence of bank credit card pa ŒS amounts of less than Rs 50 thousand to Rs 3 lakh per daphadaphaluga deposit and loan interest to the gold fill the bank, officials said. It does not, however, a large investment in the large not Lista Nani same are true.

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