Google To Support Cashless Payments

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Google Search Engine is tieing up with the government to support the cashless payments. The government is also planning to get awareness in people with the help of Google. After the demonetization of 1000 and 500 rupee notes. The Indian government is planning to go with cashless payments to avoid the money change problems. Because of less cash country economic rate in decreasing. To prevent this situation, Indian Officials planned this to tie up with Google.

Google To Support Cashless Payments

Google India and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, India have tied up. Ministry Of Consumer Affairs announced that Digitally Safe Consumer campaign all over the India. To increase Interest in people About cashless transfers. Google will help the people to understand how much safe it is to do a cashless transfer of money. As officials, Chetan Krishnaswamy, country head, public policy, Google India have announced this news. This campaign was a one-year-long process. In this Google will also tie with agencies as to sort out the problems through online.

Google To Support Cashless Payments

Google and Agency partners will train the around 500 consumers about the online safety tools, and be advocating the privacy security through online. This will be the campaign of train trainer program. In this, they train 500 regular people and 200 consumer organizations. After their training, they will travel along to the India to teach the remaining people. Google is planning to complete this at end 2017 with at least 1200 consumer organizations. This Campaign will start in new years day on 1st Jan 2017.


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