Harshaali Cutest Birthday Wish For Salman

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Harshaali Malhotra, an eight years cutipie, wished the Salman Khan on his Birthday On 27th Dec 2016 Salman celebrated his 51st birthday in the presence whole Bollywood at his home. Salman Khan cut the cake with his cute nephew. In this function, almost all Bollywood stars appeared. Harshaali Malhotra had acted with the Salman in “Bhajarangi Bhaijan.” Bhajarangi Bhaijan was Salman careers one of the best movie. In this film, Harshaali acted like a girl who cannot speak from Pakistan lost in India.

Harshaali Cutest Birthday Wish For Salman

With her acting, Harshaali stole hearts of audiences. On Salman birthday she wished from the Twitter account. With a wish, she posted an adorable pic with Salman. Do you Harshaali at the age of 8 years she has 15.2k followers in her account. Salman Khan once advised harshali’s parents to don’t commit movies which didn’t have a story. With her wish once again Malhotra turned news. 

Harshaali Cutest Birthday Wish For Salman

Salman Khan is doing a movie with the director of Bhajarangi Bhaijan named”TubeLight.” Tubelight was a movie based on China and India’s relationships at the border. On his birthday Salman released the app to connect with his fans. Fans were very happy about it. 

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