Warning For iPhone Users About iMessenger

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Is iPhones are being hacked by some software? The answer is Yes. iPhone versions 9 to 10.2.1 are the primary target for the hackers. In the iMessenger app in any message appear with attachment, don’t click it. If it was from your known numbers or known persons it may not be harmful to your iPhone. But if it is of the Unknown numbers just delete as fast as you can without opening the message. The hackers are sending a malware attachment file to the iPhones, Once you open it. It will installed on your phone. Then you may not be your iPhones owner.

Warning For iPhone Users About iMessenger

Abuzz is that from officials when the attachment file open in iMessenger then phone automatically shuts down. By rebooting or resetting the phone also the phone will not On. Even though the mobile starts, there will no iMessenger app in it, And your data will be at the hacker without a doubt. The hacker can do whatever he want with the hacked iPhone.

Warning For iPhone Users About iMessenger

This information has uploaded by some youtube channel that iPhones have the chance to hack. So please do not open hidden attachment files from unknown numbers. The iPhone officials had not confirmed this information about hacking. So whatever make your data, Information hidden from hackers.

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