Heritage education must for a Smart State, says expert

They want tourism to be a major contributor to our GDP, our children must know their history. This is imperative to promote tourism, emphasized Amareswar Galla, Curator of Amaravathi Heritage Town.

Ignorance on the part of school children on the basics of history came as a rude shock to the heritage expert on Friday. As part of the series of workshops he has been conducting for school students on the heritage of the ancient Amaravati town, he posed a few basic queries. The children drew blank leaving Prof. Galla disappointed.

They don’t pull up our socks now, we’ll end up becoming a vulgar version of the Disneyland faking everything with a commercial value,” he cautioned.

Students drawn from nine high school students in and around Amaravati sat on the steps of the temple ghat and the foreground of the Mahastupa.

“None of the students knew who emperor Ashoka is or the Mauryans. They could recognize an image of Buddha but had no knowledge of Buddhism; nor any of the history of Andhra; So, what are we promoting as heritage tourism when our children in the hinterland of these valuable resources have no knowledge of their history?” he wondered.





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