Home Remedies For Gastric Problem

 At Present busy life, People are spoiling their health by eating Junk Food and affected gastric Problem. To control this issue, we have to healthy food like fruits, vegetables, Home made food. Acidity is not a disease, but it is a kind of health Problem that is an outcome of some other illness or disorder.


Gas is formed in the stomach due to numerous reasons such as Intestinal malfunction, Digestive disorders, Excessive alcohol intake, Consuming Excessive Masala food,  Not chewing the food Properly, Too much of stress.  Here few home remedies for Gastric Problem, Take the ginger powder and Carom Seed powder, lemon juice mix these three ingredients in hot water and Drink for better results.

Take Elaichi powder and Inguva powder, Sonti, salt mix all the ingredients in equal quantities in butter milk and Drink by doing like this you will get relief from gas.

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