Pak Media Shocked On How India GoT 4th RANK in Defence Army

New Delhi: India ranks fourth in the world’s strongest military presence. According to the Global Fire Power Index 2017, India, Russia and China are the second largest in the world. Pakistan is ranked 13th in the list. The report further details the comparison of China, Pakistan and Indian forces. India maintained its position in the five most powerful countries in the world, while Pakistan was the only one in the top 15 countries. Countries like France, Germany, UK, Japan and Israel are even behind India. Only the top 15 is available.

Indian army

A total of 13.62 lakh soldiers are active in the Indian Army. More than 37.12 lakh people are serving in China’s alliance with the Jammu and Kashmir border, including the northeast. The Indian Air Force has a total of 2102 flights, including 676 fighter and 809 attack choppers. On the other hand, there are 2955 fighter jets in the China Air Force. There are 1271 fighter planes, including 1385 attack aircraft and 206 combat helicopters.

Indian army

The Indian Army has 4426 battle tanks, 6704 firearms, 290 self-propelled artillery guns and 7,414 artillery guns. Pakistan has 2924 battle tanks, 2828 firearms, 426 artillery guns and 3278 artillery guns. The neighboring country continues to be stronger than India and Pakistan with 6457 tanks, 4788 combat vehicles, 1710 self-propelled artillery guns and 6246 artillery guns.

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