Indian Army gives commanders on LoC nod to hit back against Pakistani action

The Indian Army has made a vital statement on Pakistani intrusions in the border. There is no need to tolerate Pakistani intrusions anymore. The Indian commanders ordered with full freedom hit back against Pakistani action along the Line of Control.

According to Indian government figures, there were 860 ceasefire violations on the LoC last year, and over 280 this year. The Pakistan government claims that there were 1,970 ceasefire violations by India last year, and 335 this year.

“Over the past few weeks, Pakistani’s are more actively involving in ceasefire violation. These incidents are increasing more. India is also giving a strong answer to them. But be more aggressive towards them. If the Pak army has violated the firing agreement, give them best answer and intimidate the terrorists. Get rid of them. You have no choice but to take action … the army will give you full cooperation. “Army said its orders.

It is already known that terrorist activities are increasing recently at Loc.  Four soldiers were killed in the Rajouri in Jammu and six soldiers, including a citizen were killed in in a fierce battle over the Tsunujan Military Station. It is clear that the Indian Army has decided that it is no longer necessary to ignore these attacks. Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also commented that “Pakistan will pay for this.”

According to sources, “radio chatter” and reports of burials indicate that 138 Pakistani soldiers were killed and 156 others injured on the LoC due to Indian action last year. This year, they said, Pakistan is believed to have lost 20 soldiers on the LoC with seven more injured.

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