India’s Aagni-5 Successful, China In Sorrowful 

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India’s Aagni-5 intercontinental missile which had designed by our Indigenous knowledge at Research And Development Organization (DRDO). Today DRDO completed the 4th test on it. The scientist already checked this weapon three times. Previously passed in last 3 test and now the fourth test also successfully passed. This missile can aim the target of 5000 Km to 6000 Km. This test had been done in this morning under the supervision of scientists at Odisha’s Balasore in Kalam island. With this trial, Aagni 5 has achieved the status of getting into hands of Indian Army.

India's Aagni-5 Successful, China In Sorrowful

Some unofficial Says that this intercontinental missile can aim at 8500 Km. But officially it seeks the target in the range of 5000 Km to 6000 Km. Which means missile can target and get into the northern region of China easily. This is what making China tearful. This Aagi5 can lift with the weight of 1500 kg of explosive materials at a time. Aagni 5 will be in three stages with 17 meters length and 50  tons weight. After the successful test Indian President Pranab Mukarji congratulate the scientists. This missile tested three times. In 2012, 2013 and 2015.

India's Aagni-5 Successful, China In Sorrowful

India Army Already has missiles like Aagni-1, Aagni-2, Aagni-3, and Aagni-4.  Aagni-1 can aim at the targets in the range of 700 Kilo Meters; Aagini-2 can aim the objectives in the range of 2000 Km, Aagni-3 can reach at 2500 km and Aagni-4 can smash into the range of 3500 km. With Aagni-5 the Indian army’s weapon system has become unyielding. For this reason, China is sad that Indian can aim at them anytime. This missile can lift the nukes also which India will never do. So this is a proud moment for Indian’s that their army is working for them efficiently. 


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