Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review And Rating

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Movie Name: Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam

Actors: Allari Naresh, Kruthika Jayakumar, Rajendra Prasad, Mouryani, Posani Krishna Murali, Chalapati Rao and Shakala Shankar.

Director: G. Nageshwar Reddy.

Production Banner: SVCC

Producer: B V N S Prasad 

Music Director: Sai Karthik

Release Date: 30th Dec 2016

Comedian Actor And hero Allari Naresh hits the silver screen another time this year by his most awaited movie “Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam.” This movie directed the comedy movies director G.Nageshwar Readdy. In Allari Naresh and G.Nageshwar Readdy combination, there are two superhit movies like “Sima Sastri” And “Sima Tapakay.” So the audience has some hopes on a movie that it will be good. After getting many flops from each movie Allari Naresh this time has many reasons to make it a superhit movie. So let’s discuss the story and Analysis it.

Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review And Rating


This an old junked horror comedy story. Naresh (Allari Naresh) was a happy youngster who leads his life joyfully. And Gopal(Rajendra Prasad) bought a haunted movie unknowingly. He knows that there is a ghost in the house. Then he calls the Swamiji to give solution for this ghost. The Swamiji was Naresh who comes to love the actress Kruthika Jayakumar; She plays yoga teacher in the movie. In the interval, Naresh comes to know that ghost was about him and ghost want a marry Naresh. In second Half-There is a story of Ghost and the remaining story is how Naresh escapes from the ghost.

Story Analysis:

As said this story junked horror comedy. At least we think to have a comedy in this movie because of Allari Naresh. The Comedy Also Didn’t Make you Laugh. Because of story comedy, scenes didn’t heighleted, and an audience will be bored while watching this. The next main part in horror movies was the cameraman. In this movie, the camera didn’t scare you a lot; the cameraman also didn’t help the movie. After that music director, Music not so bad it can be hearable for some instant. Because G.Nageshwar Readdy Audience thinks to have spoof songs in a climax that also doesn’t happen in a movie. Finally, Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam is another blunder of Allari Naresh.

Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review And Rating

Plus Points: Allari Naresh Acting, Some Comedy Scenes In 1st Half.

Minus Points: Story, direction, DOP, Music, Climax and Songs (make film very long)


So Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam movies is a one-time watch movie. Telugu audiences watched this kind of movies many times. If you don’t bother the story line. Then you can enjoy the movie in 1st half. In 1st Half, Allarinaresh And Shakalaka Shankar comedy is there. So you can watch for the time pass of this weekend.

Final Word: ” Allari Naresh Another’s Blunder Comedy Movie”

Rating: 2 out of 5



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