Inttelligent Movie Review And Rating | Sai Dharam Tej Inttelligent Movie Review And Rating

Sai Dharam Tej Inttelligent Movie got released today across the world. In recent times Sai Dharam Tej has seen a series of failures and his films have failed at the box office. So he has kept a lot of hopes on Inttelligent Movie directed by VV Vinayak. Let’s see how the movie is entertaining the audience.

Inttelligent Telugu Movie Review

Rating 2/5
Star Cast Sai Dharam Tej and Lavanya Tripathi
Director VV Vinayak
Producer  C. Kalyan
Cinematography S V Vishweshwar
Music Thaman S S
Editing Gowtham Raj
Story, dialogues Akula Siva
Release date 9th February 2018


Coming to the story Dharam Tej( Sai Dharam Tej) is a software engineer. He is very loyal to his company. The mysterious death of his boss Nanda Kishore (Nasser) turns Dharam Tej as Dharma Bhai. Who killed Nanda Kishore?. Does Dharam Tej able to trace out the conspiracy behind his boss Kishore’s death?. For Answers watch the movie in theaters. 

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  • Sai Dharam Tej
  • Production Values
  • S V Vishweshwar Cinematography


  • Routine Story
  • Screen Play and Direction
  • Music
  • Narration
  • Comedy

Star Performance:

Sai Dharam Tej’s acting, dance and his looks are impressive. Lavanya Tripathi glamour fascinated the audience. While the rest of the cast are good in their respective roles. 

Technical Performance:

Coming to Director Vinayak he disappointed the audience. He could not able to engage the audience right from the start to end. Thaman Music is ok. Production values are good. S V Vishweshwar cinematography is good. 


On the whole Inttelligent Movie will disappoint you right from start to end. 

Rating: 2/5


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