Is Krishna Vamsi Doing A Mistake…? 

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Creative director Krishna Vamsi directing a movie “Nakshatram” based on families of Police Department. while starting a movie  Nakshatram was a not high budget movie, it started as low budget movie. But now it becomes a high budget by casting Sai Dharan Tej, Prakash Raj, Pragya Jaishal, Sandeep Kishan and Regina. As per sources Krishna Vamsi now increasing the budget and doing a mistake.

Krishna Vamsi has designed song on Regina wroth 1 Cr. As we all know that Krishna Vamsi doesn’t compromise his quality in making a movie, buzz is that producers also accepted for that 1 Cr rupee song, the filming of song has started..

Krishna Vamsi’s last movie’s “Govindhudu Andharivadele”, “Paisa” and “Mogudu”and other movies are disasters, but producers are putting a high budget  on Krishna Vamsi’s movies. so either producers are making a mistake or Krishna Vamsi himself making mistake. Nakshtram movie promotions has been already started on the hands of Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej. lets wait for Nakshatram movie.


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