Is Modi’s Next Step Going To Be  Even More Dangerous?

Many people are suffering with Modi’s decision of changing currency. Althought many consequences a section of people are feeling very happy with PM Narendra Modi’s strange decision.  

If the ongoing buzz is true, here comes one more dhamaka from Modi very soon. Buzz is that all the gold, jewelries and ornaments of the people kept in their homes should be deposited in national banks. There would be no way selling other gold and jewelries directly since that property would be termed as illegal.

Is Modi's Next Step Going To Be Even More Dangerous?

According to the Economists, this would be even better idea which surely curbs black money in India. However, it still remains to be seen whether Hindu’s sacred ornaments like ‘Mangala sutralu’, ‘Nalla Poosalu’ ect. come under the category of gold deposition or not. Whatever, the deposition of the gold in banks is merely a speculation now. But then, Modi is ecpected to make the things possible for sure …!

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