Is Venkaaiah Naidu Afraid OF The Bill By KCR

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Reservation Bill in the following Assembly session to put the Muslims in the wake of the TRS boss KCR … Telangana Assembly collectively affirmed this bill would get. Not withstanding the administration, the Congress, the first restriction in the bill to bolster the homestead, with the goal that you may Telangana in the Assembly the bill say. Except for the BJP in Telangana in the Assembly who are against this bill. Nonetheless, there is no way of getting this bill go into Parliament¬†at any rate in Tamil Nadu on the lines of Article 16 of the view that in political circles there is likewise the opportunity to put it on the calendar.

Clarity on this issue, as the Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu and Telangana in the most recent government determination on the matter, had Levine would like to be satisfied. Naidu declared that they were hostile to religious reservation they have nobody to oppose such endeavors. KCR was thinking about offering reservation to Muslims in Telangana, and 12 percent of the participation with regards to the BJP appears to lose. The minority administration of the Telangana charge on the subject of reservations to the tradition focus to acknowledge. We have to wait how government going to anticipation now.

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