Journey Of Murderer To Company CEO

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You wanna who is that guy who is got in jail for the murder of a photographer and now he his a CEO of a company. His name is John Valvarde. Jhon Valvarde was spent 16 years in prison under accusation of murder. While in jail, completed the degree in Behavioral Science and then post-graduation itself in jail. He got into Jail at the age of 20 in 1991 because of his girlfriend.

Journey Of Murderer To Company CEO

Jhon Valvarde had girlfriends, and a roadside guy tortured her. This guy works as a photographer. One day Jhon Valvarde girlfriend complained that a photographer harassed her. Then he takes the gun and shot the photographer. The photographer had a FIR against him that he was attacking women. So Jhon Valvarde is imprisoned in jail for 16 years. In this time he completed his Post-graduation. In 2008 released from prison. 

Journey Of Murderer To Company CEO

After released from jail he convenes himself that he would work for a non-profitable company. And as it is used to work for seven years in Osborn, Newyork. Osborn is a business company that solves problems of Prisoners and Prisoners health issues. This company gives the studies for inmates. After that, Jhon Valvarde got introduced with youth build organization. Right now Jhon Valvarde is 48 years old and became the  CEO of that organization by competing 124 members all over the world. Jhon Valvarde says if you commit any sins you should face it. 

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