Kajal Aggarwal Says Chiranjeevi Romantic: Tollywood chandamama, South beauty Kajal has already done more than 50 films. Recently she made some comments about the nature of some of the heroes. “In my view, the most romantic hero is Chiranjeevi. I have acted with many heroes, but Chiranjeevi is very special, “she said. She said no one has ever been seen romantically. Mahesh Babu is a silent and decent person. He talks less, works more. If you talk to him, jokes will explode.”

Heroines in the Telugu industry dream that she will act together with megastar Chiranjeevi. Kajal also has these dreams. In the final, Chiranjeevi has acted as the heroine of “Khaidi Number 150”, which is a chiru’s 150 movie. 

Kajal Aggarwal Says Chiranjeevi Romantic

Kajal Aggarwal Says Chiranjeevi Romantic
Kajal Aggarwal Says Chiranjeevi Romantic

Talking to a media channel recently, Kajal told about Mega Star Chiranjeevi: “My romantic hero Chiranjeevi is only in my view. I worked with many heroes. But, Chiranjeevi is very special, so far no hero has ever seen him. He will do a movie with a lot of hard work. Mainly, he Loves the movie lot. He is also well aware of his family. When I was working with him, it is clear that how he became a Megastar.” Said Kajal Aggarwal.

Previously she made some sensational comments on Tamil Vijay, she said that Vijay is tasteless, he will never follow the trend, said Kajal previously, Those comments became sensational at that time. In Telugu, Kajal entered with the film “Lakshmi Kalyanam”, from past 10 years she was ruling Tollywood Film Industry. She has attracted the audience with her glamor. 

At the same time, In Telugu Industry Allu Arjun is the only hero who will follow fashion. No other hero will follow latest styles other than Bunny. Meanwhile, Hero Navadeep tried her to fall in love two to three times, but I rejected him. Previously Kajal was so busy with a series of opportunities. But now she was demanding crores for each movie.

Recently she rejected senior hero Victory Venkatesh “Aata Naade Veeta Naade” film. Similarly, she rejected Sharwanand film, because of less remuneration. Currently, she was only busy with Bellamkonda Srinivas film. As per inside info, she selected for NTR Biopic Jayalalitha role.

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