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Karthi’s remarkable makeover and the eye-catching promos have made Kashmora one of the most awaited movies of the season. The impressively cut theatrical trailer has built enormous hype around the film that has ensured very good opening. Did the film live up to promise?

Story :–
Kashmiri (Karthi) is a conman who claims to be an exorcist. He and his family cheat people using ghost busting techniques and an evil spirit of dead warrior Raj Naik (Karthi) brings Kashmiri’s family to an abandoned palace. Raj Naik plans to kill Kashmiri’s family so that he can come back to life. Who is Raj Naik and what Kashmiri has to do with him from rest of the story?

This is Karthi’s show all the way. His impeccable comedy timing as Kashmiri and flawless performance as Raj Naik holds the film together. Nayanthara has a very limited role but made her presence felt. Sri Divya is just okay. Comedian Vivek as Kahsmora’s father tickles us at times with funny his one-liners.

Gokul has given a new spin to horror comedy genre by throwing in a fantasy tale into it. He did well in getting the humor right, but there is hardly any horror in the film. Even the fantasy part lacked substance. Gokul has drawn inspiration from many hit films, which is quite evident during the second hour.

Songs are not so impressive, but background score is good in parts. Editing could have been crisper. The film is unnecessarily dragged towards the climax. The cinematography is impressive. Visual effects are just okay. We expect better effects from a 2016 film. Production values are good.






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