Khaidi no 150 Reaches 2 Million In US

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Chiranjeevi movie Khaidi no 150 is creating new records not only in India but also at the US box office. Khaidi n0 150 movie which is also a comeback movie for Chiranjeevi into Telugu film industry after a decade as he entered into politics at that time and also said that he will quit acting and spend his rest of his life for social service through politics. Chiranjeevi established a political party on 26 August 2008 and named is as Prajarajyam Party with a slogan “Preme Lakshyam seve margam” and the party cannot gain the public support. After a decade Chiranjeevi decided to act in movies as this is the field where he can perform better more than politics.

Chiranjeevi has gone through a lot of stories and was not satisfied and at that time he saw a Tamil movie Kathhi and thought this movie will be perfect for his reentry into movies as it has all the commercial elements mixed with a message to people. 








Khaidi no 150 Reaches 2 Million In US


Chiranjeevi then decided to hand over the project director V.V Vinayak as he can present him on screen better than anyone. Vinayak previously directed Chiranjeevi in the movie Tagore and it was a sensational hit and coincidentally it is also a remake of Tamil movie “Ramana”. The movie is released for 2017 Sankranthi on 10th January and received good applause from people all over and collecting good revenue. In the USA, Khaidi movie has reached one million on the first day itself and now racing towards the two million mark slowly.

Khaidi no 150 Not a Competition To Bahubali In US

On the first day of the movie release, the fans have expected that the movie will break the Bahubali records but as of now the collections have dropped drastically and it seems to be impossible. Only a few Telugu movies have reached the 2 million mark in USA. It is expected that the movie will reach 2 million by this weekend as this is the festival season and the movie has got a good response.

Srimathudu              :   $2.89 million

A..Aa                            :  $2.45 million

Khaidi No 150          : $2.06 million

Nannaku Prematho:  $2.01 million

And above all Bahubali has collected $6.99 million which is now seems impossible to reach the mark.




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