Khaidi no 150 Review and Rating

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One of the most anticipated movie in the recent years is Khaidi no 150 as it the comeback movie to Chiranjeevi after 9 years. The movie has many other highlights and some of them are V.V Vinayak is directing this movie and previously this combination delivered a box office hit with Tagore in the year 2003. Chiranjeevi is doing a dual role in this movie and Kajal is playing opposite to Chiru. Khaidi no 150 is releasing today and let’s see the pros and cons in this movie.



Kaththi Seenu(Chiranjeevi) escapes from the jail and plans to leave the country and want to lead a new life there. Here enters the heroine character where Seenu falls in love with Kajal and withdraw his plan of going abroad. Suddenly one day he comes across an accident and when he tries to rescue him and finds out that the injured man(Shankar) looks exactly like him and gets surprised. Seenu now admits Shankar in a hospital and gives a mislead to police and send him to jail.

Seenu unexpectedly visits an old age home where he finds out that Shankar is the leader for them and he plans to act like him. Later he comes to know that Shankar is fighting for his village farmers to stop a big Multi National Company from grabbing the agricultural lands from farmers forcibly. Seenu is very much motivated by the story of Shankar and wants to fight for the farmers. The remaining story is about how Seenu stood by Justice and help the farmers in winning the court case.






Khaidi no 150 Overall verdict

Plus Points:

  • Chiranjeevi Performance
  • Story, Screenplay
  • Cinematography
  • Music, Background Score
  • Art Direction
  • Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Villain does not seem that much powerful
  • Kajal glamorous look


In one word we can say that Khaidi no 150 is a treat to mega fans and it is a perfect mass entertainer. The dances that are performed by Chiranjeevi in three songs ammadu, Rathalu, Sundari are highlights of the movie. Ram Charan the producer of this movie appeared in Ammadu song. Cinematography by DOP Ratnavelu looks very good and was very wonderful. Some mass dialogues that are delivered by Chiru are good. The Villian role is performed by Tarun Arora and he has performed well but didn’t seem much powerful. Kajal Agarwal role is very limited and only seen in songs. Overall analysis is the movie is worth watchable and is a first hit in the year 2017. 




Rating: 3.25





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