Limits On Withdraw Of Money Not Over

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Limits On Withdraw Of Money Not Over. This will be an another shock for Indians after the Demonetization. Banning the 500 and 1000 rupee notes and creating problems for people using didn’t having money in banks. Lots of money change problems. Indians are thinking after the 1st Jan 2017 they can withdraw their money as they want from the bank. But this news will shock them the condition on withdrawing money will not stop after 1st Jan. Because lack new 2000 and 500 rupee notes printing.

Limits On Withdraw Of Money Not Over

On 8th Nov 2016, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi said that old 500 and 1000 rupee notes would not be useful after 1st Jan 2017. And PM gave 50 days time to exchange their money and get new notes. In 4 days the 50 Days time will be over. And old notes are like rough papers only. Condition on withdrawn will not be taken out because of RBI’s negligence and planning a demonization. RBI has received 15.4 lack crore rupees as old notes from all over the India. But RBI printed only 5.92 lack crore as new notes.

Limits On Withdraw Of Money Not Over

Because of lack of new notes bank members requested RBI not to take off the condition for withdraw of money. As we all know that Banks will give 25,000 rupees per month from bank and 2,500 from ATM daily. The 90 % of ATM’s are not working India right now. In remaining ATM’s cashless board are making people very anger about PM decision. So after RBI have to print remaining ten lack crore rupees as fast possible to get rid off from Bank’s withdrawn conditions. PM Modi planned to take out the black money from a house of frauds. But this makes only trouble to ordinary people. But the frauds getting new money directly from banks and printing places to their houses.

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