Maa Tv Serial Actress One Big Mistake Fined Heavily 


She is a popular television actress Deepika Singh, who had oversight of Rs. To pay 16 Lakhs, So notices sent to the producers. ‘Diya Aur Hum bottle, “Deepika Singh, plays the lead role in the serial. English serial “itaram Illalu ‘name being broadcast. Deepika, however, came too late to set the serial, to pay Rs 16 lakh have been issued a notice to her producers. He had to pay Rs 1.14 crore paid to producers, but they only Rs 67 lakh and was giving producers.

Deepika Singh in this regard .. Cine and TV Artists Association was meeting. If so .. It is now too late for the producers of the set, she was sent a notice to pay Rs 16 lakh. Anas Rashid, however, due to his co-star Deepika information set late next week. Anas Who is the Opposite to  dipika, He Want to Come Morning  10 am  But He Came Afternoon 4 pm. Deepika, Saying that What to do without him, Said  her colleagues.

Shashi dipikaku producers, Sumeet Reddy was a dispute, the issue until  The Problem Get Solve . We Will Gather All Perfect Details and then we will solve the Problem Said Indian Television Producer Council Chairman.

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