Mahesh, Murugadoss Satellite Record!

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the movie that is going to come in the combination of Mahesh Babu with Ar Murugadoss. The film is produced jointly by Tagore Madhu, NV Prasad, and Namrata Mahesh. The movie is currently under shooting. The production schedules are warming up very fast.  The demand is soaring high from all corners of the world quoting record prices for distribution. In fact, with this movie, Mahesh Babu is entering into the Tamil circuit.

ZEE groups have bagged Telugu Satellite rights and Hindi dubbing rights of the flick paying a stunning price of Rs.26.6 Crores. The deal is said to be closed just a couple of days back and is yet to be announced officially.

Mahesh Babu’s movies will be sold like hot cakes in the current market. Meanwhile, AR Murugadoss is a brand with pan Nation value. Calculating the invaluable USP when both these names are joined, ZEE groups agreed to pay an unbelievable price highest ever in non-Baahubali movies.

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