Mango Ladoo Recipe

Mango Ladoo Recipe tastes so great and they are totally not quite the same as the standard ladoos. It can be made in a flash with only three fixings. On the off chance that you have any sudden visitors in home and you have custom made mango puree, you can set up this for them amid mango season. Serve Mango Ladoo Recipe amid break time or as a treat.


  • 1/2 cup Mango Pulp
  • 1 cup Dessicated Coconut Powder , and more to dust
  • 1/2 cup Condensed Milk
  • Mixed nuts , for topping
  • 1 pinch Cardamom Powder

Directions for Mango Ladoo Recipe

  1. To prepare Mango Ladoo Recipe, in a thick bottomed pan, dry roast desiccated coconut for about 2-3 mins or till fragrant. take care not to brown it.

  2. Add mango pulp and stir till combined well.
  3. Add condensed milk, and cardamom powder and nuts. Mix well. It will be like a gooey mass now. Keep on  stirring continually at all times to avoid charring.
  4. Once the mass reaches a doughy consistency and comes together, switch off flame and allow to cool a bit till handleable.
  5. Pinch out a small ball and roll between palms, roll the ladoo in dessicated coconut powder. Repeat till all the ladoos are done.
  6. Serve Mango Ladoo Recipe during tea time or as a dessert.

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