Mass Raja Raviteja Skips Answer About Pawan Kalyan

Tollywood Mass Maharaja dialogues are very powerful in movies, not only in movies, his dialogues are so powerful in real life also. Some times his dialogues are very realistic. What his mind will say he tells it immediately. Now coming to the news today his upcoming flick Touch Chesi Chudu film releasing, so that he came to Twitter chat session yesterday. 

In this Twitter chaat session, he has given replies to his fans what they asked him. Now here are some question one of the fan asked Will you do one more film with director Srinu Vaitla? Ravi replied yes sure. One more fan asked Srinu vaitla trying to backup his image so will you give him a chance? Ravi replied no one is going to back up anyone.

Ravi Teja, who is so frank, has not given any reaction to a question. It’s not about someone else. It is about Pawan Kalyan.A Power Star fan asked about one word about Pawan Kalyan, Raviteja simply replied “NEXT”. His gave to shock to fans, if he doesn’t want to answer he can ignore the question but what is the reason behind he says “Next”?  later he deleted that tweet from the session. 

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