How much money the bank has brought the beggar, you know????

The beggar .. how much money goes to the bank. Perhaps hundreds, thousands, while the Great. Parako even one-tenth of it. But, this beggar but a whopping Rs. Biccagadi up to Rs 50 lakh in the bank to fall. They other customers of the bank, officials khangutinnaru drastic. Rs 50 lakh in his possession a beggar went to make a bank deposit. Standing in the queue at the time that he gave the beggar a sudden shock to Rs despised by fellow clients. Took out 50 million.

┬áThe Bank officials asked him to deposit the money in his account. The same time in order to deposit the money generated from the shock of the officials said that the PAN card is mandatory.PAN card pocket, leaving nothing to the authorities of the beggar, black ayindata clients’ mind. However, the money is not credited to his account, the money that came from nowhere and that was that. Two months ago, sold his rendekarala field, idani giving the money, and bring the relevant documents to show the authorities that endorsed beggar went from there. Aired on a news channel on YouTube at this event VICARABAD Telangana. However, no such incident has taken place VICARABAD information. Such rumors that the government’s prestige debbatiyadanike puttistunnarani, appealed to the people to be vigilant.

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