Nag Samantha Marriage Cancelled…!!!

We all know the gossips that are spread in the industry about the love affair of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. But all the rumors the story came to a happy ending…. And there marriage was finalized in the next year. And we also heard a lot of news that they have already started stopping for their marriage.      

All off a sudden there is shocking news came out about their marriage is that their marriage had been cancelled. Is that true? In the film industry main rumors are going around in every one’s mouth. One among them is that Samantha’s parents are against their marriage. In every functions, it looks like they are every happy with the relations, but internally they are having a lot of problems regarding the marriage.

Nag Samantha Marriage Cancelled...!!!


There is also a news that recently Samantha had a fight with their parents and she had shifted to Chaitu’s  flat. Both Samantha and Nag’s family are trying hard to convince their parents. In the past Nag has planned to do chaitu and Samantha’s marriage before Akhil’s engagement. But due to the issues with Samantha’s parents Nag had decided to do it later.

There is also a news that Nag had decided to make their marriage after Akhil’s  engagement even if Samantha’s parents accept it or not. Let’s hope everything goes well.  


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