Naga Chaithanya And Samantha Engagement Date Fixed

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Akkineni Naga Chaithanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu are getting ready to invite their friends and celebs on Engagement. Yes, Chitu and Samantha’s engagement date fixed to 29th  Jan 2017. As we all that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha going, marry each other on next year. But engagement is this month only.

Naga Chaithanya And Samantha Engagement Date Fixed

On 29th Jan 2017, this engaging program will do at the N-Convention in Hyderabad. This event will be in a prestigious and grand way as the engagement of Akhil and Shreya Bhopal. But marriage will depend on next year for a destination wedding. As Akhil. Akhil marriage will be a destination wedding in the Rome in Dec 2017, and the date is not fix for the marriage.

Naga Chaithanya And Samantha Engagement Date Fixed

So in this way this year Akhil is going to marry in the next year married on the next year Chaitu. Chaitanya is now doing a movie with Karthikeya Director Chandoo Mondeti. And Samantha is presently not doing any movies. They are enjoying the holidays in Maldives. So let’s wish them for their engagement.

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