Nani Blasted with his Tweet

Nani Making a Sensational Comments With his Tweets.He is Response on the Banned of the 500 and 1000 Rupees in India.Due to these Banned People are Facing Some Problem.Nani Advice to People Please is a Patience.Mahatma Gandhi is Started in 1947 and PM Modi has Stopped at 2016.Now only Post Production Work Started by a PM Modi  as soon as Possible Film has to be Released.We have to wait some time to see a Clean and Green India.This Tweet has Blasted all Over India.





Nani Present Doing a Film ‘Nenu Local’This Movie Going Release at December Last Week and Audio planning on the Last Week of this Month (or) the First week of this Month.Last Three  Film of Nani are Got a good Collections in Box Office and also having a Good Expectations on Present up-Coming Movie





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