Notice Will Come If You Bought A Car After Nov 8

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Do you purchase a car or any vehicle after the November 8th? Then get ready to get a notice from the Income Tax Department, Yes, it’s true. After Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced that 1000 rupee and 500 rupee notes would be banned. From Nov 8th to Day exactly 49 days are over. Now government gave a shock to those who bought a car or any vehicle after 8th Nov. After the demonization, people think that problems will be over after 1st Jan 2017. But the problems are increasing instead of decreasing.

Notice Will Come If You Bought A Car After Nov 8

IT department has getting the details of car buyers from all over the India from dealers. IT staff taking every single info about the car buyers and they will get the notice. This information has been leaked by dealers saying that “Modi Govt Has made decision To give notice to Car buyers, who bought after 8th Nov.” As per sources, we are getting the info that IT staff was also gathering the customer’s info who purchase a car before 8th Nov. IT department thinking that some members may change the date to another.

Notice Will Come If You Bought A Car After Nov 8

So as per Government Orders car Dealers are giving info from their entry book about their costumers. Then IT department analyze the customer’s finance details and give notice. Indian Govt has taken the decision to control the black flow and corrupts who gather the money without paying the Taxes to The GOVT. So if you bought a car after 8th Nov and had a black money then definitely notice from IT department will press the House bell of your door.


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