‘Ockhi’ cyclone hit Maharashtra and heading towards Gujarat.

Due to low pressure in Bay of Bengal, the ‘Ockhi Cyclone created wreaking havoc in Southern states of India especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and Lakshadweep Islands. It is expected to head towards parts of coastal Maharashtra and Gujarat in the next two days. This storm has recently hit Maharashtra moving to Mumbai. Due to storm light rainfall started in Mumbai on Tuesday morning. The weather department warned that there would be heavy rains here. The officials prepared and have taken remedy steps to control damage.

The holiday was announced for schools in the city. Additional security has been provided at railway stations. Officials warned fishermen in the coastal region against venturing out to the sea. According to weather officials, Oki storm crossed the coast of Gujarat by Wednesday morning. The National Disaster Management Association said the cyclone over the Arabian Sea will move towards South Gujarat and then weaken gradually. 

As already known that Kanyakumari, South Kerala and Lakshadweep shivered with ‘Ockhi ‘storm. Many homes were destroyed by heavy rains and strong thunderstones. Hundreds of trees have collapsed. In many areas the power and communications system is stuck. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, 20 people lost their lives. Hundreds of fishermen were struck in the sea. Navy, airforce and coastal crew brought them safely.

Recently, there were heavy floods in Mumbai. In August, heavy rains caused flooding and swept the city. The Mumbai people took a long time to recover from that effect. People are worried about the latest rains again.

However, the storm is not expected to cause the kind of havoc it did in the southern states. “Recurving cyclones are rare, but barring some clouds and maybe light rain, I don’t think it will be like what is now seen in Kerala and Tamil Nadu,” weather reports said.

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