One Book Price Is 25 Crores..!  

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Yes, your eyes are perfectly working this is not an illusion the price of one book is 25 Cr.Now you thinking what is that book sold for 25 Cr ?…who is the writer of that book ?…who bought that book with that much price? the answers are here. this book was written by the greatest scientist “Sir Isaac Newton”.

Name of the book is “Principia Mathematica” which was published in 1687 and published in English in 1728. In this book, newton gives the detailed information about world famous 3 laws of newton. This book bought by an unknown builder who doesn’t want to reveal his name.

This book totally covered with goat’s skin. the bid for this book has made by “Kristi” Company with 10 to14 million dollars, surprisingly this was taken by the unknown builder with 25 Cr. 



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