One Hundred Crore In A Women’s Bank Account

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One Hundred Crore Rupees had deposited in Women’s account. In Uttar Pradesh, a lady named Shital Yadav have sent emails to Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. That hundred crores have deposited in her Jan Dhan Bank account. Shital Yadav has a State Bank Of India, Bank account in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. On 18th Dec she went to the ATM to Withdrawn money from her account. After sawing the bank account balance, she was just shocked.

One Hundred Crore In A Women's Bank Account

In her Bank Account, there is a total amount of 99,99,99,394 rupees. First, she didn’t believe it and checked the second time. This time also the same amount shown on the ATM slip. And then she asked to her account to netizen then also same 100 crores amount displayed. So after she went another Yes-Bank ATM center and checked the balance, Same 100 cores shown. On the next day went to the Bank and asked the bank staff. Bank staff replied that Bank Manger is on leave. After that, she went to bank another time and bank stuff didn’t help her to sort out this problem.

One Hundred Crore In A Women's Bank Account

Then she went to his husband and explained everything to him. Her husband name is Zaildar. Zaildar went one educated person and told the mess with a bank account. On the advice of that person, they make emails to PM Modi Ji. and gathered the media and told about the 100 crores deposit in their bank account. After the demonetization, this is not the first that ordinary people have 100 crores deposit in bank accounts. In Tamilnadu, an Auto driver complained that in his personal bank account 1000 crores had been deposited. 


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