Onion farmers actions without trouble

witness, Hyderabad, notes the cancellation of large yards of the market traders, commission agents, and farmers have declared a strike this month to 24, the alternative measures are taken to avoid trouble on the farm, anubandhasakhala Secretary Parthasarathy said. Laksmibaruuto pertains to the market on Thursday, the director of the marketing department, along with onions, take a look at the process of buying, traders, commission agents met Parthasarathy.


Rs 8 a reasonable price to purchase onions from farmers in the marketing department and by rail tube Arla vikraruustundani he said. Farmers, checks, online payments will be claimed by parties. Open to all market yards uncatantopatu local traders, commission agents were instructed to contact the authorities in order to ensure that trade. Ravikumar Jedi marketing department, market yards Secretary Reddy participated.

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