Onion Prices Rise To Rs 40

The prices of onions have increased to a very high price which hit the mark of 40/-. Some Rythu Bazaars across the state have been facing problems due to the shortage of stock. Apart from this, the sellers have reported that there is o arrival of stock from the past two weeks. Along with this, the prices of Tomatoes have also been increased but it is the onions which topped the price. ALSO SEE: Case Filed In HRC Against NTR Big Boss Show

Onion Prices Rise To Rs 40

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As the prices of onions reached around Rs 40 per kg (first quality) in the retail market, several Rythu Bazaars in the state have stopped providing onions to customers. Only one or two sellers have been supplying onions. Though the situation has been continuing like this for two weeks, the state government has not intervened and did not take any alternative steps to supply onions to Rythu Bazars.

 The crisis started two weeks ago as the prices rose two to three fold at Lasalgaon in Maharashtra, Asia’s largest wholesale market for onion, with the low supply of old stock and decrease in output of new Kharif crop. The situation affected Kurnool, the biggest onion market in Andhra Pradesh.

Onion Prices Rise To Rs 40

The maximum price of onions at Lasalgaon market on July 25 was Rs 1,011 per quintal which reached Rs 2,400 by August 4. In Kurnool market, the maximum price was Rs 940 on July 25 which rose to Rs 2,750 per quintal by August 4. The arrival of produce at Lasalgaon on July 25 was 29,035 quintals which declined to 20,000 quintals on August 4 as per data available with National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation. It is estimated that this crisis may continue for a few months from now. 

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