Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve

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Parambikulam Tiger Save, which additionally incorporates the previous Parambikulam Natural life Asylum, is situated in the Western Ghat mountain districts of Southern India. The tiger saves like wise constitutes part of the outskirt districts between the conditions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


Parambikulam Tiger Hold is arranged at a separation of 89 kilometers from Palakkad and 44 km from Pollachi, contiguous Anamalai Tiger Save in Tamil Nadu. In spite of the fact that Parambikulam has a place with the condition of Kerala, it is open just through Pollachi in Tamilnadu. The Western Ghats mountain goes alongside Anamalai Slope and Parambikulam is at present under thought for choice as a UNESCO UNESCO World Legacy Site.

The recreation center was begun in 1973. It was pronounced as Tiger Hold amid 2009 with an aggregate region of 643.66 Sq. Km., which incorporates center territory of 390.89 Sq. Km. what’s more, 252.77 Sq. Km. 

As per Tourist Information

Ecotourism activities at the tiger reserve are held at the buffer zones of the tiger reserve, avoiding the core areas. Parambikulam provides visitors with a number of opportunities for nature education. Experienced forest guides accompanies one during trekking, for which the visitors can contact the information center. There are also opportunities for bamboo rafting that are powered by oarsmen.

The reservoirs are sources of drinking water, and power boating are not encouraged. While the local inhabitants are allowed to boat and fish on the lake, visitors are not allowed to boat by themselves on the reservoir. The Kannimara Thekku Teak Tree, which is said to be Asia’s largest, is located at Thoonakkadavu. A variety of accommodation, such as tree-top houses and accommodations inside islands are available, and these needed to be booked in advance. The details are made available at the official website of the reserve.

A visitor is expected to contact the information center of the forest department directly and the forest department would not an authorized any private travel agents for taking bookings on behalf of a forest department. Safari vehicles managed by Forest Development Agency (FDA), operates safari vehicles that takes to a visitor for a safari of the tiger reserve. Private vehicles are allowed inside the tiger reserve only if they have overnight booking inside the tiger reserve. Two-wheeled vehicles are not given permission to enter the tiger reserve

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Parambikulam is accessible by road from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. There is a Kerala SRTC bus plying between Palakkad and Parambikulam. Tamil Nadu STC makes two bus trips between Pollachi and Parambikulam. Pollachi to Parambikkulam is about 65 km. Those who are traveling by bus and plans to go for a vehicle safari inside the tiger reserve should get down at Anappady, and visit the Information Centre at Anappady for purchasing tickets. The nearest railway station is at Pollachi and the nearest airport is at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, about 40 km from Pollachi.




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