Pavan Kalyan To Address Students At Harvard University

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Power Star Pavan Kalyan is the most sensational star in Tollywood from the initial days of his career and has established a huge fan base in the youth. Though he entered movies with his brother Chiranjeevi’s support and in a very less period he proved his individuality. Pavan Kalyan entered into politics at the time of Prajarajyam party has been started. Prajarajyam was established by Chiranjeevi in the year 2009 and Pavan Kalyan was appointed as youth president and named as Yuvarajyam. He campaigned for that party in 2009 elections but that didn’t help the party from surviving the defeat.

Later Chiranjeevi merged the party into Congress against the wish of Pavan and this lead to the separation between the two brothers. In 2014 Pavan Kalyan started a new party Jana Sena and campaigned for the duo of BJP & TDP and this helped them to win the elections in 2014. 


Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Party Launch


Pavan Kalyan To Give A Speech At Harvard University

Pavan Kalyan won a lot of hearts with his speech at the time of his Jana Sena party announcement and battled against Congress because they separated the state for their political mileage in the state. Pavan in the recent times conducted various meetings in Kakinada and Anantapur to question BJP for not implementing the vows that are promised at the time of election campaigns. The speeches that are delivered by Pavan Kalyan will make a huge impact in the people and the political leaders also. Recently the news is that Pavan Kalyan will share his views in the “India Conference 2017” which is to be held at Harvard University.

The event organizers have recently met Pavan and invited him to the Conference and address the students there and he promised them that he will be present at that time. This conference will be held on February 10th & 11th and Pavan will attend on one of the two days and share his views with students.

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