Pavan Is The New Hope For Kidney patients In Prakasam

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Pavan Kalyan had supported the TDP & BJP alliance in the 2014 elections and campaigned for them which led to the victory in those assembly elections. After the elections, Pavan stood by the people against the decisions taken by the state government various times. Recently he visited patients suffering from kidney ailments in the Uddanam region in Srikakulam district and demanded the AP government to take immediate measure to prevent and cure the disease. Now the problem is the people is some areas in Prakasam district are suffering from the kidney ailments and they have no diagnostic centers located close by and this has led to a major problem for them to travel long distances for treatment. The fast emerging areas for the kidney ailments diseases are Kanigiri, Ongole, Marripudi, Kandukur, SN Padu, Addanki, Darsi,  Kondapi, Podili, Chimakurti, Markapur and surrounding mandals and will be known as another Uddanam of Prakasam district in the future.




Maha Lakshmi, a resident of Kanigiri from Prakasam district is desperately looking for help as her son is facing a failure of both of his kidneys and is now battling for his life. She also told us that they have to travel to Guntur for treatment frequently and should manage an amount of 3000 for their travel expenses and treatment for one visit. Every month the treatment cost is nearing 50,000 as they have to travel to Guntur each time which is 165 kms away. Traveling in a bus for such long distances after undergoing the dialysis for kidney patient is very painful and it seems a hell to him. Though there are some dialysis centers located in Ongole the road is very rough and bumpy so patients cannot manage to travel there.


Will Pavan Kalyan fight for Kanigiri

The water levels in these areas fall below a depth of 30 -90 meters and contains Strontium and Arsenic like heavy metals which are believed to be the cause for chronic kidney diseases. In Dharmavaram village around 40 people have lost their lives after suffering from these chronic kidney diseases. Though the government has established dialysis centers in Chirala and Ongole but they are not able to meet the demand from the patients. Ongole MP YV Subba Reddy has sent representations to both state and central governments for providing a dialysis center in Kanigiri and Union minister JP.Nadda had promised that he will review the proposal and it has not happened since then. So the last hope left for the people over there was Pavan Kalyan standing by them and make their agony & sorrow visible to the government.  




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