Pawan Kalyan Lying To His Fans..?

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Powerstar Pawan kalyan who usually recluse media is being available to the media interviews now a days all thanks to his JanaSena. The interviews give is all about his politics  but not about the films. In almost all the interviews, powerstar is making interesting comments about his bad financial conditions.

Pawan Kalyan Lying To His Fans..?

He also spoked about his struggling to meet monthly expenses and he also said that he is not ina position to pay the salaries to his staff also. But even the experts and fans are not in a stage to believe these words. And all of a sudden the discussion came up once again as he turned as a producer for Nithin’s next movie.

Pawan Kalyan Lying To His Fans..?

And thats not it his comments show us that he not having interest on films and planning to quit very soon. But then he is continuing to announce films one after the other and then comes this new interest in production as well. We do not know the truth, but everybody will find it hard to believe a Top Star is struggling financially and is ready to produce a film.

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