People Seeing like I am a Mad Person

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India, after the name of Rana Amazon Bhallaladevudu marmogipotondi Wise. All Bhallaladevudu Pilustunnarata that Rana Rana go after Amazon. The Amazon -2 Rana once competed with the coming to theaters on April 28th.
Amazon was sooner than 2 Rana’s ‘Ghazi’ rilijki coming on February 17. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, the film is released. Speaking on occasion, Rana interesting some of the comments made this film. When you’re doing a movie that some saw as a backdrop Submarine looked picolinic said, Rana.

His age is currently 20 years old to 32 years old Anita Naku Vizag beach RK Rana stated that there was contact. The beach is regularly custundevadini submarine, Ghazi. But the ‘Ghazi’ I do not know the story. Vizag is also a lot of people did not know there was such a great story. ‘Ghazi’ Submarine Sankalp says the director of the film as a backdrop; I met the team. It is rare genre movie. Check phal staph, Rana said that the second half of Silence appealing.

The Hindi version of Ghazi Rana also said that the release of Karan Johar. Two million people in less time … I saw the teaser released the teaser to see the Big B, Amitabh Rana expressed happiness has come forward to voice over.

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