Powerstar Pawan Kalyan Desh Bachao Poster released

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The Wind in the head was to achieve special status Jana Sena Kalyan own style. In addition to the call to prepare for the movement, inspired by the necks Jallikattu Jana Sena dissent being expressed by musical album, he said. The slogan for the special status of the people, especially the strong Na tends Ku announced on his Twitter that the album is being released.

But align the promise, saying the war in a dilemma, are moving towards that Power Star. Visakhapatnam on January 26 to protest the event to be held in each of the Andhra Person to be an army man as Arabic to get moved. Opportunistic, criminal politics Jana Sena voices against the album — Pawan said in his tweet. YouTube channel and will release a musical album Jana Sena said. In this connection, a poster with the slogan Desh Bachao Pawan posted on Twitter.

The first album to be released on February 5, it was thought that the release of January 24 in the wake of the current state seems to be making.

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