puri Jagannath next hero is…..

While sections of the media speculated for weeks on end as to what Puri Jagannadh might do (or, rather say, might have to do) after ‘ISM’, the Dashing Director sprang a surprise by trying to woo Salman Khan into reprising Kalyan Ram’s role in a Bollywood remake.  Sooner than later, the attempts came a cropper, prompting Puri to urgently travel to Bangkok to write a story for a small-ticket movie, leaving his fans guessing as to who is his next hero.

We learn that Puri is writing a script with Ishan in mind.  Ishan, son of CR Manohar’s brother, will be working with the same director for the second time after ‘Rogue’, the Kannada-Telugu bilingual set to hit the screens this December.

Puri wants to do concept-based films like ‘Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam’ and is raring to write story-based scripts of the like of ‘Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi’.  Ishan is lucky to be getting in be the male lead of such a film.



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