Radha Warning To RGV About Vangaveeti

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Vangaveeti Radha Krishna has now warned the Director of Vangaveeti movie Ram Gopal Varma. Radha has watched the biopic made on his father life story Vangaveeti. After watching the Vangveeti movie, he got into disappointment and warned the RGV for not showing the real incidents. He says while making a film RGV said that he would make a movie without hiding the truth. But now in film RGV recreated history as he wants and conceal the fact of Ranga’s murders.

Radha Warning To RGV About Vangaveeti

As we all know that Vangaveeti movie was made up of real events happened Vijayawada at 1990’s. Vangaveeti Ranga was a leader of one cast people, and he got murdered by another cast people in Vijayawada. As RGV was made so much publicity for his movie that he was making a movie very genuinely. But in a film, he hides the murders of Ranga. So is made Radha upset and he warned the RGV.

Radha Warning To RGV About Vangaveeti

He also said if RGV needs money Ranga fan association will collect money and give it to him. He also files case against RGV in a police station. Today (26-12-2016) Vangaveeti Ranga 28th death anniversary. Radha goes to his father’s statue at Ragavayya Park, Vijayawada and takes blessing from his father by touching his father feet. So after releasing a movie RGV got into trouble as he gets for every film he made. Vangaveeti movie got positive reviews and positive talk. And film running successfully in the theaters.  


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