Rajni Impressed The Oscar Award Winner

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Super Star Rajni Kanth has been impressed the Academic Award winner Resul Pookutty. Resul Pookutty is a sound engineer in movies he had won the Oscar for the slumdog millionaire in 2009. In the categories of sound mixing. Now he is working for the Superstar Rajni Kanth and legendary mastermind director Shankar’s prestigious project “2.0”. This is the second edition of 2009’s Robo movie. Rajnikanth started the dubbing for this 2.0, and he surprised the Resul by his speed of work.

Rajni Impressed The Oscar Award Winner

This information has tweeted by the Resul Pookutty in Twitter account. Resul said, “I am amazed by the work of Thalaivar superstar Rajni, He completed three reels in one day.” and in a Twitter account posted a pic with Rajni. This news gives a boost to the Rajnikanth fans. Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. This will be release in the 2017 Diwali. The movie has the huge budget of 400 crores.

Rajni Impressed The Oscar Award Winner

Rajinikanth is playing Chitti robo role in this film, and Akshay Kumar is playing the negative character in this film. Akshay Kumar has a good role in this movie. For his makeup itself, it takes 4 hours and to remove it 3 hours. The end of Feb will complete the shooting part of the film. And for graphics work itself production team taking a six months time. Wardha Strom caused the delay of a shoot. This may or may not affect the release date of the film. 



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