Rakul director of the thrill!

¬†Mahesh is currently starring in the film directed by Murugadoss rakul Preet Singh has been playing the lead role. However, when rakul Murugadoss natincalsindata direction. Missed the chance of this is small at the time. Rounding up rakul about it, “I have seen the Murugadoss starring in a commercial for his” gun “and was tried to take it as the heroine of the film. However, the girl is modeling, the will not to act in films,” he says, casting agency to him. So the chance to Kajal Gone. this is the latest in the shooting of the film, said Gary Murugadoss, “said.

another is the fact that, Murugadoss film natincalanna’d have a long-time desire to rakul. So once the ‘hi’ Want to Meet You, sarayam rakul .. .. .. model, “he pampindata message. Because the message is still on his mobile phone, and show him recently, he navvesarata much. Best wishes, saying that at the time of its release, as well as Murugadoss amadhya a message sent to him also conducted the thrill of the show.Ceppukoccindanna him an account of the way that the word is Murugadoss rakul fans!
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