Ram Charan To Join Hands With Merlapaka Gandhi

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Ram Charan had ended the year 2016 with a super hit like Dhruva and it was a remake of Thani Oruvan which was a Tamil movie.  Dhruva crossed the one million mark at the American box office which was the first time for him. Currently, Ram Charan has started a project with creative director Sukumar which was recently launched in Hyderabad. The movie regular shoot is not yet started and the cast for the movie is not confirmed. After the completion of this movie, Charan is planning a movie under the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi. Charan is in talks with Gandhi and decided to work with this young and talented director. The director had delivered two hits in a row and this will be the third movie for him and Charan is ready to encourage new talent if they are really talented.



Merlapaka Gandhi first movie is Venkatadri express with Sundeep Kishan in the lead role and the movie is a comedy entertainer. The movie was one of the biggest hits in the year it was released and it was the first movie for Rakulpreeth Singh who was the leading heroine in Tollywood at present. He later worked with Sharvanandh in his second movie Express Raja and the movie remained as a commercial hit though it released as a small movie in between huge films for Sankranthi 2016. Charan previously encouraged Sampath Nandi who was a new director as he was impressed with the first movie directed by him. Coming back to present story Gandhi had written a love story with which Charan was impressed and they are opting for a better story which will have an interesting love story in it. Sharvanandh who was a good friend of Charan had recommended the director and the talks are ready to make a shape very soon.      

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