Ram Charan’s Dhruva To Be Postponed?

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Recently PM NarendraModi has Banned a 500 and 1000 Rupees Notes due to that Reasons its Effect on the All over the India.PM Modi Decision is the effect on the all Over the Indian Film Industry.Recently so many Movies are PostPoned Due to That reason.Allari Naresh Movie ‘Intlo Dayam Naku Yam Bayam‘ is Actually his release date is 11 Nov 2016 But this Movie PostPoned on 19 Nov 2016.The Ram Charan Up-Coming Movie is also going to postPoned on the 9 Dec 2016 (or) 16 Dec 2016.


The Film Makers are Allu Arvind and NV Prasad is Planning to PostPoned this Movie.Audience Should be an Able to Give a So Time To Exchange his Money.Makers are Planning to a Released a Movie on the 16 dec 2016 but on that only Suriya’s ‘S3’ Movie is going to Releasing in both Telugu and Tamil.If Ram charan Released Movie on dec 16 Then he Should be Faced a Clash From Surya.All the Details should be a Coming very Soon. 



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