Ram Gopal Varma  does not surrender to any threats

Ram gopal varma is film maker in tollywood(telugu films) and bollywood( hindi films). Recently he directed a film which name “ Vangaveeti” is attracting struggle like honey attracts bees. recently the court docket issued notices ordering him to delete a track from the film on casteist grounds. The songs phrases region unit ‘Kamma… Kaapu……..”. He had no opportunity however to cut that tune faraway from the movie. he is in Vijayawada nowadays in connection with the audio-release function


He has met with Rathnakumari and Vangaveeti Radha the son of Vangaveeti Ranga. The meeting had the Vangaveeti supporters in large numbers. Even Ram Gopal Varma had a few supporters with him. because the meeting improved he unbroken tweeting concerning it. He did declare that the meeting with Vangaveeti own family didn’t blast off nicely which he received extraordinarily severe warnings. inside the identical breath he same that there’s no question of his kowtowing to any demands or fearing their threats. move-test those tweets.


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