Ram Gopal Varma Letter to Sridevi Fans

Sridevi dead body coming to Mumbai. However, a few hours ago Ram Gopal Verma, who wrote on Facebook, revealed many sensational facts. What happened in the life of the original Sridevi? How did she live? RGV leaked many unknown facts. In spite of laughing out, he realistically expressed the new dimension of her life.

The life of Sridevi is tragic. The father’s death, the loss of the property, the relatives not even helped her, eventually her own sister filed a case on her. Sridevi is in the process of life under extreme stress. In certain circumstances, she married producer Boney Kapoor. 

“My Love Letter to Sridevi Fans” has unveiled many unknown facts in the life of Sridevi. Varma said that the original superstar Sreedevi was not happy any longer as she was alive and failed to live as she wanted. In a letter, he said, “In every case, Sridevi depends upon someone because of everyone will demand her, on her whole life she lived just with afraid of people.” said Ram Gopal Varma.

Early in her life, she said that she had lost her property due to the misdeeds of her mother and that she had gone to a hospital in the United States with a mental illness that her mother’s brains mental condition. In the process, the assaults raised with the Sister in the transfer of assets to Sridevi. Sister Srilata filed a case on Sridevi was taken into custody when she was betrayed by a signatory with an unscrupulous mother. Sridevi has experienced a lot of pain for her parents’ misdemeanor in the past.

Sridevi mentality is a child’s mentality. She will do anything when anyone said, Sridevi best days are On Camera. When Camera turned off, as usual, Real life. When she married to Boney Kapoor, she faced many problems from their family. At one stage, Boney Kapoor helped her when she was in problems. She acted in both on reel life and real life, there is no happiness in her whole life, said Ram Gopal Varma in this love letter.

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